Doug Hayden, Founder, President, and CSO

Doug Hayden boasts an impressive track record spanning over 20 years in both the commercial and residential real estate sectors. Alongside his team, Hayden has successfully executed more than 1,600 transactions, building a reputation for diligence, innovation, and client satisfaction.

Before delving into real estate, Hayden sharpened his skills in the realm of business development. He held prominent roles at multiple tech startups, all of which were later acquired by industry giants such as Apple, IBM, and British Telecom. Hayden's knack for identifying potential and strategically positioning businesses for success was further cemented during his tenure at SMED, an office solutions provider. Here, Hayden steered the company towards integration with tech platforms like Cisco Systems, focusing on enhancing office environments with technology-infused solutions for raised flooring, walls, and ceiling systems.

In addition to his industry accomplishments, Hayden is a distinguished realtor and has been recognized with numerous awards throughout his career. Notably, he was part of the pioneering team that established EXP Realty in Canada, demonstrating his unwavering commitment to innovation in the real estate industry. In honor of his service and impact, he has been the recipient of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Citizenship Medal and the Alberta Centennial Medal.

With his forward-thinking vision and relentless drive, Doug Hayden continues to reshape the landscape of the real estate industry in Calgary and beyond.


Spencer Marks, Co-Founder, COO

Spencer excels in efficiently leading tech startups and fostering high-performance teams. With a track record spanning a successful IPO, over 30 M&As, and establishing executive rhythms for public firms, he is a proven leader in the industry.

His hands-on expertise ranges from overseeing large-scale office construction to designing standardized technology spaces nationwide. Recent achievements include crafting and executing a multi-year technology vision for a FinTech firm, uniting four teams to bring it to fruition through the IPO event.

Spencer's experienced oversight of multi-million-dollar budgets and vendor relationships significantly enhances Arthroto's value. His expertise extends to leading operations organizations and advanced programs for private, public, and government entities, including the US Air Force. Rooted in Cornell Engineering, Spencer's career is marked by the development of innovative strategies and dynamic teams, consistently delivering exceptional value.

His leadership at Arthroto continues to drive the company to unparalleled success.


Eric Lieberman, EVP of Government Relations and Development

Eric Lieberman is a distinguished figure in land use consulting. Starting at Loma Engineering in 1985, he quickly ascended, joining the esteemed real estate law firm, Pircher, Nichols and Meeks. By 1991, Eric founded QES, Inc., reshaping Southern California’s real estate landscape and managing projects worth over $250 million. In 1997, he was appointed Director of Forward Planning for a national home builder,

leading master-planning across Southern California. Returning to QES as CEO in 1999, Eric directed several high-profile projects, attracting giants like AMCAL Multi-Housing and Pulte Homes. Now, as the VP of Forward Planning for Arthrotó, Eric melds his vast experience with a commitment to quality community development. His vision and proficiency promise a sustainable and thriving future in land use and planning.


Julie Haskill, Director of Marketing and Communications

As the Marketing and Communications Director for Arthrotó, Julie masterfully crafts and executes comprehensive marketing strategies across all media channels, ensuring consistent brand messaging. With over 15 years of experience, she is a certified Communications professional adept in social media, media relations, and brand reputation.

Julie’s profound expertise in the online media realm empowers businesses to forge lasting connections with their customers. A graduate of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, she specialized in New Media Production Design and Digital Marketing. Holding certifications from IABC and IAP2, Julie is not just a seasoned professional but also a fervent creative. Her commitment to authenticity and engagement, combined with her branding and strategic communication skills, has made significant impacts in both private and public sectors.


Dexter Hayden, Director of Business Development

Dexter Hayden brings a diverse background to his role as Director of Business Development at Arthrotó. His journey began with an Associate of Arts in Cinematography and Film/Video Production from the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT).

Harnessing his expertise from the visual world, Dexter co-founded In-Houze Productions. Armed with a robust combination of industry experience and a forward- thinking mindset, Dexter has consistently showcased an innate ability to drive business growth and forge meaningful partnerships. His expertise lies in identifying market trends, fostering collaborative relationships, and navigating the competitive business landscape. Passionate about innovation and strategic planning, Dexter plays a pivotal role in Arthrotó’s expanding footprint in the market.


Kevin Keyes, Real Estate Advisor/Legal Counsel

Kevin Keyes is a distinguished Partner at Miller Thomson’s Calgary office with decades of real estate transactions and commercial leasing expertise. He is recognized for his profound understanding of the intricacies within the Calgary City Council, Planning Commission, and Subdivision and Development Appeal Board and his notable history in sectors like construction, food service, and export finance banking.

As the Real Estate Advisor and Legal Council in Canada for Arthrotó, Kevin is instrumental in guiding the company through intricate real estate landscapes. His vast experience encompasses land assembly, purchase, re-zoning,

financing, leasing, and the management and sale of commercial projects. Known for assisting clients in strategic decision-making, Kevin excels in negotiating commercial agreements and ensuring regulatory compliance, underscoring his reputation as a leading figure in the Canadian real estate legal domain.


Rehann Merchant, Director of Acquisitions & Capital Markets

Rehaan Merchant brings a unique blend of real estate acumen, tech-savviness, and entrepreneurial spirit. Over the years, Rehaan has cultivated a national investor network which has successfully funded multiple real estate ventures. His knack for developing advanced pro forma models and innovative “buy box” systems, coupled with his analyst experience at a commercial real estate private equity firm, establishes him as a trusted figure in asset evaluation and capitalization.

On the technology front, Rehaan spearheaded the creation of optimization tools and streamlined tech processes, at a leading digital banking firm. His entrepreneurial journey began in high school, and has grown ever since, diversifying into consulting, tech, and finance. A true advocate for education, Rehaan served on the Board of Directors for the Herbert D. Weitzman Institute for Real Eatate at the University of Texas at Dallas, enriching students’ experiences through networking events and industry connections.

Board of Directors


Charles Kraus

Charles Kraus, an accomplished corporate lawyer with over 20 years of experience in the US and Canada, is known for his work in capital raising, M&A, and key transactions, particularly in the energy and tech sectors. He served as EVP and General Counsel for DIRTT and held similar roles for three major dual-listed companies. Charles consistently

advised boards on strategic decisions and transitions.

Outside of litigation, Charles is a partner at Scale LLP and the founder of Kraus Law PLLC, specializing in fractional GC services for emerging companies. He is dedicated to providing unparalleled outsourced legal advice. Besides law, Charles is influential in numerous non-profit and private boards, offering strategic insight. His recent association with Arthrotó, combined with his history with DIRTT, emphasizes his

commitment to housing innovation. Joining Arthrotó, he brings a blend of expertise and vision.

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